Kindermusik Nino Drum

$19.95 USD

Kindermusik Resonator Bars ("D" & "A")

$16.95 USD

Rhythm Sticks, pair

$2.95 USD

Rainbow Shaker

$6.95 USD

Sensory Ball

$5.95 USD

Shape Shakers

$5.95 USD

Wrist Ribbon Streamers

$6.75 USD

Toddler Instrument Set (24-36 Months)

$24.25 USD

Preschool Instrument Set (ages 3-5 Years)

$24.25 USD

Kindermusik Zig Zag Blocks, pair

$4.95 USD

Kindermusik Scarf

$6.35 USD

Fish Baby Shaker

$7.45 USD

Kindermusik Mixed Scarf Pair

$9.50 USD

First Notes Instrument Collection

$15.95 USD

Polar Bear Shaker - While Supplies Last

$4.75 USD

Kindermusik Stir Xylophone with Stir Spoon

$15.95 USD

Fiddle Sticks, pair

$7.95 USD

Kindermusik Guiro Shaker/Rain Shaker with Scraper

$12.95 USD

Musical Shapes Bell

$7.00 USD

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